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Carlton Sectional - Coffee

By Cheers

Part of the Carlton Collection.

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Carlton Sectional - CoffeeCarlton Sectional - Coffee
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The Carlton Collection | Cheers



Crafted with High Performance Fabric, a 100% synthetic leather alternative, the Carlton Collection allows you to achieve a sleek look in your living room without ever having to sacrifice comfort. Stop by our showroom and experience the magic of Vocaro Fabric today!




- The Carlton Collection stands for the best in quality, comfort, durability and design.

- Sturdy construction techniques produce steel bases that are 1.5x thicker than leading competitors, so that the frame should not bend over time.

- Frames are fully encased in foam (density 2.0) and have solid sides and backs, to give your sofa a longer life and style.

- Steel sinular springs are used for the seating area every six inches on center.

- Breathable Vocaro Fabric upholstery

- Baseball contrast stitching


SKU carlton_sectional
Type Sectional
Furniture Material Fabric
Sofa Brand Cheers
Number of Seats 5 Adults
Color Brown
Recline Type Power
Upholstery Type High Performance Fabric
Manufactures Color Coffee

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Limited Warranty
All warranties are administered by American Retail Corporation and cover articles of furniture intended for residential use only, and does not cover any industrial, commercial, institutional, or rental use. To exercise rights under this warranty, proper documentation, i.e. photography, and any other pertinent information requested, is required. The manufacturer will not replace or repair any furniture if improper maintenance, improper handling or improper use causes damage. Any product modifications by dealers, consumer, or other parties not authorized by the manufacturer will void this warranty. This warranty does not cover floor samples sold or product designated “AS IS” at the time of purchase. Warranty does not cover minor variations or differences between floor sample printed illustrations and sold furniture. Cost of packaging and shipping to and from the manufacturer is not covered by the warranty unless expressly arranged by the manufacturer. This warranty supersedes and replaces all implied warranties of merchantability and use for a particular purpose.

Frame- 5 Years
Our hardwood frames, springs and webbing are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship, materials and construction for five (5) years from date of purchase Defects in workmanship and material are defined, for the purpose of this warranty, as causing the product to be unsound structurally or mechanically, or substantially altering the appearance of the piece. This warranty covers normal, everyday use and does not apply to defects resulting from misuse, accident, negligence or normal wear.

Upholstery- 1 Year
We warrant the manufacturer’s upholstery fabrics and leathers against defective materials and workmanship for ONE (1) year from the date of purchase. This warranty covers seam failure and fabric separation. This warranty applies as long as it remains upholstered in the original fabric and is used under normal wear in normal conditions.

Leather- 1 Year
Excluded from warranty are cover damage, fading, stretching, and dye lots. Leather’s natural markings such as scars, brands, grain variations, wrinkles, etc. will be considered normal characteristics and not construed as defects. Nature’s trademarks leave not two cow hides the same, so color variations could occur.

Where there is evidence of excessive soiling, improper cleaning, abuse, or where the fabric or leather has some form of chemical applied, the fabric / leather warranty will not apply. The warranty covers normal, everyday wear; however there are some contingencies that cannot be covered. These are: cuts, burns, stains, soiling or damaged caused by pets; unreasonable use or improper installation of the fabric: or commercial non-residential or rental use. Some retailer applied after-treatments for stain protection may also void the warranty.

• If necessary, clean immediately with mild soap (non-concentrated) diluted in lukewarm distilled or purified water on a soft clean towel. Always try to clean in a small hidden area first. This cleaning method is recommended for corrected leathers, not for natural grades of leather.
• For oil, grease, or stubborn stains consult a Professional Leather Care company.
• Do not use bleach, oily substances, or strong detergent (including laundry detergents).
• Keep ink, fluids, body oils, chemicals and sharp objects away from upholstery.
• Exposure of leather to sunlight or extreme light sources may cause fading and damage.
• Do not use any heat lamps or hair dryers on the leather.

Fabric- 1 Year
Fabric and vinyl are warranted ONE (1) year from date of purchase against wear under normal care and condition. This does not cover shrinkage, piling, or fading due to chemical after-treatments or improper cleaning. Use of chemicals or improper cleaning invalidates the warranty.

Seating/Cushions- 1 Year
The manufacturer warrants seating against abnormal loss of resiliency of the upholstered furniture, for ONE (1) year from date of purchase, as long as it is used under normal wear and other normal conditions. Abnormal wear and abnormal loss of resiliency should not be confused with softening and flattening of the foam and fibers, which are considered normal wear, and are not defects.

Mechanisms- 3 Years
Reclining mechanism, motors, heater units, massage units, wiring, hand wands and all other electrical components are warranted to be free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship for THREE (3) years from the date of purchase.

How to Shop for Leather Furniture



Making good decisions that enhance your home environment, such as the purchase of new leather furniture, can be made easier with some basic planning and preparation. Follow this step-by-step process to help you help you along the way.


Step 1

Become an informed shopper. Learn about the different grades, types of leather, and leather manufacturing processes before you shop. Check out the terms and definitions below to understand the different types of leather products that are available.


Step 2

A well-chosen piece of leather furniture that doesn’t fit inside your home is a major disappointment! Think about where you want to place your furniture. Measure your room and door openings to establish a size range of furniture that will fit appropriately in the room. Take your measurements with you when you shop.


Step 3

If your room already has furniture or décor that you plan to keep, take note of how their colors will influence your new leather furniture choice. A color that catches your eye in the store may not work well with the colors on your wall, or with your existing artwork and other furniture. If you find a product you like, be sure to ask about any additional colors that are available, and if you can have a leather swatch to bring home.


Step 4

The product is in the showroom for you to look, touch and try out. Sit or lie down, sprawl or lean back as you would at home. Picture it in use, whether it’s a party with friends, relaxing in the recreation room with family, or reading a book on your own. Is it comfortable? Is it a good size? Is it functional? Does it feel “just right”? This is a lasting investment so make sure it meets all your needs.


Step 5

Get all the details you can about the products’ construction. The materials used and the way it was built will provide you with a good sense of your chosen product’s quality and value for money.



Leather Furniture Terms and Definitions



When making a leather furniture choice, various materials may meet your requirements. This information is intended to help you determine what product you are being offered and to assist you in deciding what you want in your home based on your budget, needs and an informed understanding of various product types.


The following terms are often used to describe the differences in furniture leather and other upholstery products:


Top-grain leather: This leather comes from the outermost upper layer of the cowhide, and is the only leather recommended for all high quality sofa leather. The best top-grain hides reflect that the animal has lived in an environment that resulted in limited scratches, insect bites or other damage. These hides can be minimally processed and used in their most natural form. Generally, less processing allows the hide to be softer and display a more natural character.


Corrected Leather: Corrected leather has been significantly processed so that lower quality top-grain hides may be used. Corrected means the application of more chemicals and paint, the stamping of an artificial texture and other processes. This tends to produce leather that is not as soft as less-processed top-grain but has a more uniform look and finish, making the product very durable. Corrected leather allows for a lower price for the final product. It is often best suited for recreational rooms or other places that require exceptional durability.


Protected Leather: This is simply another way of saying “corrected” leather, except it may not be limited to top-grain. It refers to the fact that enough paint or other finish was applied to make the surface more durable than a more natural and less-processed leather.


Split Leather: The process of tanning leather involves reducing the hide to the thickness required for upholstered products. The back of an animal has a thicker skin, so it is “split” to create a piece of leather out of this extra thickness. This is real leather but has no natural surface and lacks the strength of top-grain leather. Split leather is processed by correcting the leather, giving it a stamped and painted surface that approximates a top grain, and then used for the backs and sides of sofas to reduce the cost of the final product. This use is legitimate and appropriate but the consumer should be informed when split leather is used.


Leather-Match: This term is used to describe an upholstered product where a portion of the product is real leather but the back, sides or less visible parts are constructed of an artificial material, usually vinyl. It is matched to look like leather. Leather-match is often used on motion furniture or recliners but can be used on any upholstered product. It is a method of creating a product that offers the sight and touch of real sofa leather but significantly reduces the final price.


Bi-cast Leather: This product comes in roll form like a fabric rather than the shape of an animal hide. It is really a plastic product that contains leather but in a manner where the customer neither can see nor feel the leather. The product uses the lower-value and lower-cost split leather as the backing of the product and creates a finish by applying a sheet of plastic on the front surface, usually polyurethane (PU), to provide the color, texture and strength. This product tends to be fairly stiff and is usually produced in dark colors only.


Bonded Leather: The term serves no purpose other than to permit the use of the word “leather” to be associated with the product. This is really a PU (polyurethane) product that has leather shavings sprayed onto the back. The top layer showing the outer color and texture is PU. The strength and carrier of the product is a thin fabric in the center. The leather shavings are applied on the back as described.


Bonded Leather Match: This is a construction where some bonded leather is used on a product and the balance is normally the same product without leather shavings. The purpose of the match is to reduce cost, while the purpose of the bonded leather is to allow the term “leather” to be associated with what is essentially a plastic or PU product. The product may be attractive and appropriate for certain consumer applications but it is not leather.


Polyurethane (PU): This is a very effective form of plastic that can be applied to fabric or other products to create beautiful and durable surfaces. The product is considered safe if appropriate materials and dyes are used, and is recommended for applications that are price-sensitive and require a high degree of durability. PU is very versatile. It can be made to replicate leather, suede and any number of other surfaces.


Vinyl: A product similar to PU but normally not as durable or versatile. It is normally lower in cost than PU so is used for “match” applications where strength is not an issue.


Nubuck: This is a term that has historically been associated with suede leather but is not a legal term. It is sometimes used for artificially produced forms of suede. If the price is exceptionally low, it is likely not real leather.


Microfiber: This is a unique form of fabric that is constructed in a manner that allows for various surface types, and can provide attractive characteristics in strength and durability. Unfortunately, this product can be produced at many price and quality levels so the term itself has little meaning in establishing its relative value.


Proprietary Terms: Manufacturers of non-leather products and producers of finished upholstered product frequently develop their own proprietary terms to describe their product (i.e. using invented names, such as combing “new” and “hide” with creative spelling.) As you can imagine, a frequent characteristic of these names is the tendency to use terms that imply strength and durability, or are associated with leather. Typically none of these names apply to real leather. The product they describe is usually bonded leather or a polyurethane product. The product itself may be appropriate but the consumer should seek clarity as to what the product really is constructed of.

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